The Foundation's activities

Operational Lines

These operational lines are established by means of Agreements with Universities and Institutions and may have the participation of Third Sector companies (giving priority to the Protecting Partners), including among them:

Sustainable and exemplary management of the plots and facilities managed by the Foundation, under a leasing, use or ownership contract, through specific agreements.

Research, experimental and demonstration projects on the farms and facilities managed by the Foundation or by third parties through collaboration agreements or contracts.

We will hold lectures, interactive talks, congresses, multidisciplinary working groups, conferences… and any other teaching, educational or training activity such as courses, seminars or workshops related to the subjects and projects of our 5 Experimental Thematic Centres (TCs) mentioned above.

Every year, in the winter season, and when the health situation allows it, we will organise our Chuecos Winter Campus (“EcoMindEconomy”), a Permanent Classroom in the winter quarter on Environmental and Sustainability Education, oriented to companies and individuals.

Complementary Activity Lines

Science and Training combined with the enjoyment of a unique natural environment

In a first stage planned for the end of 2021, 20 “ecohabitats” or habitable units for two people will be available, in addition to the spaces and services necessary to accommodate up to 30 people on a full board basis and 50 people on an open basis, with or without the need for the catering service provided directly by the Foundation.

This accommodation service, which makes the most of the available accommodation capacities, in particular buildings and facilities and areas of high ecological and maintenance value, enables the following lines of activity to be developed in depth:

Courses, seminars, lectures (with and without a stay) for a holistic approach with field activities, personal development and well-being in a "cosy" environment.
Business meetings, workshops and seminars, Vocational training courses
Collaborative working days with picnic lunch.