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Your collaboration is tax-deductible and for this reason…

We will need the following information in order to issue the corresponding accreditation document, with which you will be able to benefit from tax advantages in the Corporate Tax (+ see tax advantages):

3 000 Euros

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You will become Corporate Active Protector Partners (Corp APP) of the Castillo de Chuecos Foundation

Corporate Active Protector Partners are entities identified as being of interest to our Foundation as active collaborators in the project with benefits in both directions. This is a limited and exclusive distinction for which only 25 entities are eligible.

These entities will be eligible to join the Foundation’s Advisory Board if they have sufficient support from other Active Protector Partners.

They have priority in projects and activities with third parties and to enjoy all the services of the Centre for Sustainability in Mediterranean Regions and in general of the Foundation, when they are fully operational, being able to do so on a precarious basis until they are. The SPA Corp will also have the availability to use experimental plots or for the presentation of their projects, courses, seminars, etc., or to participate in them. or participation in them, all under special conditions..

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    Other collaborations

    We also have other forms of collaboration, both for individuals and organisations interested in becoming more involved in the projects we implement.